About eDOC


eDOC is a shareware program which enables preparation of so-called autonomous or portable documents from most MacOS applications. Such documents can be read and printed without the need for the source application to be available, while maintaining their original content and layout.

Typical uses of eDOC include:

eDOC may also be useful in many other circumstances. It is for example quite convenient for capturing full Web pages with graphics or performing printing preview tests.


eDOC documents are created using a Chooser extension named eDOC Creator. Once eDOC Creator is selected, the process is quite similar to printing a document from any of your applications; the only difference with standard printing is that the image of the pages will be saved as an "electronic photocopy" instead of being printed on a paper sheet.

eDOC documents can be read using a free application, eDOC Reader, which is included in the package. The Reader is small in size and has several viewing, searching and copying options.

eDOC also provides the very convenient ability to create self-reading documents (SRDs), which contain an embedded viewer application and therefore do not require the separate Reader application. The embedded viewer adds less than 80K to the document size and has nearly all the same features as the separate Reader. If needed, you can select the interface language for SRDs (11 language modules are currently available : English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish).

Both standard and self-reading eDOC documents can take advantage of eDOC's Index function, which makes it very easy to create and use Tables of Contents.

Drag&Drop is supported and URL launching can be directly performed from any eDOC document.

eDOC is fast and requires very little memory or disk space. eDOC documents file size is definitely as small as possible, thanks to a powerful buit-in compaction technology.


eDOC can be used on any computer running MacOS (except the venerable Macintosh 128K and 512K models). eDOC Creator requires MacOS 7.0 or higher. eDOC Reader and self-reading documents created from eDOC Creator require only Mac OS 6.07 or higher. Both eDOC Creator and eDOC Reader are compatible with MacOS 8.5

eDOC Creator is not compatible with QuickDraw GX - you will not be able to create any eDOC documents when using QuickDraw GX.

eDOC documents may theoretically contain up to about 2700 pages. However, their file size cannot exceed 16 Mbyte.


eDOC is distributed as shareware. It may be used on a free trial basis. However, the document created from unregistered copies will have a DEMO mark on each page.

If you find eDOC useful and decide it suits your needs, you are required to pay a $25 registration fee. Multi-users licenses are available. VISA and Mastercard are accepted. Upgrading to version 2.1 is free for registered users.

The distribution file is a self-installing package which includes eDOC Creator (a Chooser extension), eDOC Reader (an application) and a 30-page manual.

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