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I sure do like the user interface. It is very "clean". There is very little junk on the screen to distract me from my reading. Also the speed is EXCELLENT. This is the way computers are supposed to work.

I have been using Acrobat a lot lately. Many of Apple's documents are distributed in Acrobat format. This is AWFUL. All of the files are gigantic and it is painfully slow to do anything. I spend a lot of time waiting rather than reading. Arrrrrrrrgh.

I love the fact that Metrowerks is providing their documentation in eDOC format. :-) This is what I keep on my hard disk for quick reference. Now if only Apple would follow along...

Bill Goodman, Cyclos

I am using the eDOC AutoReader [self-reading document] to read a book published by Metrowerks. I hadn't realized just how slow and brain-damaged Acrobat was until using the eDOC version of the documentation; just the compressed file size (for downloads) is enough to convince, but throw in the greater speed of eDOC and one hardly hesitates to switch.

It's nice to see that a small developer can produce a better, more efficient, and cheaper product than those "big guys".

Ari Halberstadt

We have found that it [eDOC] is perfect for some of the online documentation in a product we have called QC(tm), a stress testing tool for the Mac. eDOC is simply cool! Thanks for creating such a neat product.

dEVoN Hubbard, Onyx Technology

If you are looking for a method of storing files without worrying about the mother applications or a fashion of distributing files with low storage footprints, eDOC is likely the right tool for you.

Andrew Kim, in MacUser Software Central eDOC review

I wish I had invented eDOC. :-) It's one of those cool Mac things that is wonderfully useful, simple, and created in the spirit of The Macintosh Way.

Steve Makohin, Water's Edge Software

With a good TOC [Table Of Contents], eDOC refines its position as an excellent on-screen reference which also prints very well should one want this.

Joel Sciamma, Inventors Emporium

We've found eDOC to be a wonderful documentation viewer. ... The eDOC format provides easy printing to many printers. It requires less RAM than Acrobat. There is nothing to install to use an srd [self-reading document] file. Just double-click the file and go.

Jim Trudeau, head of Metrowerks CodeWarrior documentation team

I have actually been searching for an appropriate tool to prepare self-readable release notes and short documentation for some time, and have tried most of the available alternatives. However, I think eDOC really fits the bill: created documents have a good appearance and feel, the final doc sizes are reasonably small, and the doc creation and especially indexing tools are fast & slick! Nice job!

Patrick Woolsey, Director of Technical Services, Bare Bones Software

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