eDOC Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We would like to use eDOC for distribution of our commercial software documentation. What would be the license fee?

A: Documents created by eDOC Creator - either standard or self-reading eDOC documents - may be freely distributed by registered users of eDOC. Even in such case, you only need to pay the standard eDOC fee - about $25 for each user of eDOC Creator Do not forget to provide a copy of eDOC Reader or use self-reading documents.

Q: Are you planning to provide an eDOC reader for DOS/Windows machines?

A: We do not have such a plan for the moment, but that may change in the future - it may also depend on what will happen with MacOS X!

Q: Is there a possibility to create several eDOC documents during a single operation - a kind of "Batch mode"?

A: You can use the Print command from the Finder. Select all documents from which you wish to prepare eDOCs and choose the "Print..." command in the File menu. Documents will be processed nearly automatically, and you will only need to accept the default name proposed for each file (or change it if you wish). Note that you should select only documents prepared from ONE application, otherwise the applications will not be able to proceed you request.

Q: We have several eDOC documents with the same layout and wish to create an index for all of them. What is the best way?

A: If you are planning to use the automatic indexing mode, open all documents together in eDOC Reader. Create the index for the first one and then simply use the "Build Index" command for the others. Your index settings for the first document are still in memory and will be re-used for the other documents. This tip works of course only if index entries fonts/sizes/styles for each level are identical for all documents.

Q: How can we create an index in a self-reading document?

A: Create the self-reading document first, then open it from eDOC Reader and proceed as for standard documents.


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